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Posted by Graeme, on Monday 13th May 2013

It’s Eurovision this month and while we here at Yankee Candles UK are not exactly inspired to dress up in eighties rave gear and belt out Euro pop in the living room, this crazy, camp foolish spectacle (Terry Wogan’s words, not ours!) reminds us of teenage Mediterranean holidays, romantic city getaways and loooong family road trips to not too distant Keycamps... are we there yet??  

It’s funny the things that remind you of time well spent... from gentle summer tunes to club anthems, trying new tastes and flavours, and of course – an unexpected aroma that immediately transports you to almost anywhere, reminding you of sunny days, family moments and memorable milestones. 

Europe’s on our doorstep to be explored and whether you’ve already seen it all or are planning your next European expedition, you’ll love these authentic Yankee Candles, specially selected to take you on a journey without you having to leave home! Oh la la...

Follow our cheesy Euro Pop guide to setting the scene and exploring the delights of Europe, at your leisure.

France - Vive la France!

  • Cheesy Pop Classic: Jour le Taxi, Vanessa Paradis
  • Tipple: Orangina
  • Nibbles: Fragrant cheeses and fresh bread
  • Perfect Scented Candle: French Lavender – uplifting and restorative
  • Style: Classic French Chic

England - Tally Ho!

  • Cheesy Pop Classic: The Floral Dance, Terry Wogan
  • Tipple: A nice cup of tea.
  • Nibbles: Fish and chips
  • Perfect Scented Candle: Fresh Cut Roses – bringing the summer inside
  • Style: Stiff Upper Lip

Ireland - Slainte!

  • Cheesy Pop Classic: All Kinds of Everything, Dana
  • Tipple: Irish Coffee
  • Nibbles: A nice fry up
  • Perfect Scented Candle: Garden Hideaway – like walking through a cottage garden
  • Style: Be Lucky!

Spain - Hola!

  • Cheesy Pop Classic: Begin the Beguine, Julio Iglesias 
  • Tipple: Valencia Orange Juice
  • Nibbles: Seafood paella
  • Perfect Scented Candle: Grapevine Oak - full bodied, crisp grapes, citrus and oak
  • Style: Relaxed yet fiery!

Italy – Ciao Bella!

  • Cheesy Pop Classic: The Prayer, Andrea Bocelli 
  • Tipple: Fresh coffee
  • Nibbles: Pizza
  • Perfect Scented Candle: Beach Walk – salt water and sea musk mingle with the scent of orange groves.
  • Style: Mama Mia! will be tuning into Eurovision 2013 final on Saturday 18 May.  The final will air between 8pm and 11.15pm on BBC One with Graham Norton presenting.  We hope everyone enjoys their Eurovision house party! 

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