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Posted by Graeme, on Friday 15th February 2013
The Candle Company With a Bright Future

The humble candle has been with us since 200 BC. Originally a source of light, they were also for many centuries used as timekeeping instruments. With the advent of the kerosene lamp and, later, the arrival of the electric lightbulb, it seemed that the flame of the candle industry would be extinguished for good. However, the story of the candle is one of innovation and endurance. In recent decades, there has been a huge surge in consumer interest in scented candles and coloured candles, with a whole host of candle accessories now available.

At the forefront of this candle renaissance is the Yankee Candle Company who, even in this era of increasing economic hardship, continue to thrive and evolve. Indeed, perhaps the key factor in establishing Yankee Candles as the premium scented candle company in the world is the diversity of their product range.

Scents in all Shapes and Sizes

They may have started as a scented candle company, but Yankee Candle now offer a multitude of ways in which you can fragrance your home from electric plug-ins, reed diffusers, scented sachets, room sprays to potpourri bags. All these products release a continuous fragrance, but without the need to light a candle. This means that you can leave the products unattended and return home to the welcoming scent of your favourite fragrance.

More recently, Yankee Candle have made the successful transition into the car fragrance market, creating not only a standard cardboard car freshener - the ‘Car Jar’ - but a longer-lasting ‘Car Gel’ and, their newest product, ‘Vent Sticks’ which clip onto the heating vents of your car. As if that weren’t enough, Yankee Candle is continually looking to complement its candle products with all manner of practical and decorative Yankee Candle Accessories - everything from candle shades and trays to beautiful candle holders and wax burners. Scented candles and the myriad other products offered by Yankee Candle may be something of a luxury, but, crucially, they remain an affordable luxury.

Economically, we live in dark times, but with its commitment to affordable quality and innovation, the future looks bright for Yankee Candle.