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Posted by Graeme, on Monday 29th April 2013

Welcome to Yankee Candle's Quarter 2 products range and a whole new batch of scented inspiration!

As the weather continues to be, shall we say, a little unpredictable, we thought we’d shake things up with a Quarter 2 spring selection of candles that are as delicious as they are diverse!

We know you love to burn Yankee Candles to change or enhance your mood, and with this spring selection, we’re aiming to give you four seasons in one day. So, if the weather’s not going your way, you can trust one of these delicious scents to put things back on track. Or, if you’re loving the great outdoors, you can rely on your favourite to bring that lovely scent right into the heart of your home.   

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of fabulous florals or prefer something more sweetly scented.
Check out our Quarter 2 Spring Selection and if you’re feeling like something different, you can always try them all by ordering a wax tart or two as testers – it’s the inexpensive way to find a new favourite! Whatever your idea of the perfect spring scent, you’ll find it at
Summer still much too far away for your liking? 
Picture this: hot sun, sand between your toes, chocolate waffle cone in hand, the deliciously creamy scent of homemade strawberry ice cream tantalising your tastebuds... That’s what you get with our fabulously fruity yet gorgeously gentle Summer Scoop
Here at, we know how difficult it is to achieve an authentic strawberry throw that also smells entirely natural, so we’re really impressed that this candle achieves exactly that. You’ll love it too and the real beauty? The scent won’t melt away as quickly as real ice cream!
If you’re after real value, try the 22oz Housewarmer jar candle, while if you’d like to sample all of the Q2 scents, order our 8 sampler pack, containing 2 of each fragrance for just £12.60 – that’s almost a third saving on the £18.00 RRP!