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Posted by Graeme, on Monday 29th July 2013

On the Yankee Candle calendar, there’s a time and a place for every scent. You’ll be very familiar with our winter and festive range, and you already love our special occasion scented candles.

But our very favourites are the fresh scents of summer:  and at
Yankee Candle, there are many!

From the blue skies evoked by Fresh Cotton (now with up to 40% off) to Sun and Sand (now with over 50% off a small jar
Yankee Candle) there are so many to choose from, each one bringing your ideal summer day right into your home.

...Exactly what you need when you can’t rely on the weather to do it for you.

So, this August, we’ve picked two of our favourites that you might not have tried yet that we would highly recommend! We’ve even knocked 25% off each product in the range making these authentic Yankee Candles cheap too.

Lemon Lavender is a summer scent sensation – with a powdery fresh blend of tangy lemon citrus and sweet lavender flowers. The clean and inviting fragrance is perfect for summer evening get-togethers – especially if the summer rain is stopping you all enjoying the great outdoors.

Pink Sands is a hot August day, a gentle summer breeze, sand between your toes and a lazy walk along the dunes. This
Yankee Candle is a beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet floral and spicy vanilla. It’s an exotic island escape, quite different yet strangely familiar, bringing home summer high days and holidays, even if you couldn’t be further from the sea!

Take advantage of our mini
Yankee Candle June sale to try these candles with a fantastic discount of up to 25% across the range – and tell us what you love about Lemon Lavender and Pink Sands on our Facebook page.