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Posted by Graeme, on Friday 15th February 2013

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. How do you plan to celebrate the big day?

Preparations must be made well in advance to woo your beloved and the secret to creating the perfect mood is thoughtful planning. For a romantic evening in, make the effort to prepare an elaborate 3 course meal, light a few candles, select some suitably seductive music, and most importantly, find a sentimental gift!

And on the most romantic day of the year, why not surprise your beloved with a luxury fragrance candle as a gift.  The Yankee Candle fragrance range will conjure up past romantic memories with reminiscent dreamy names such a Drift Away  and Beach Walk

Candles for Romance

    • 2 boxes of Yankee Candle tea lights will dress an entire room. Tea lights are less expensive and burn for 8 hours filling the space with a heady aphrodisiac fragrance, and the twinkling lights tea lights will cast a romantic glow.
    • Scent and emotion are intrinsically linked - in fact, our sense of smell is far more sensitive than any other. Therefore do not overlook scented candles this Valentine’s Day.
    • Remembering the small touches like lighting tea lights and soft music in the background will create a truly romantic Valentines evening without leaving your home.
    • Red candles are traditionally considered to be romantic
    • Select fragrances based on your beloved’s favorite perfume or choose from the more traditional romantic scents such as Rose, Jasmine, Patchouli, Neroli or Ylang Ylang.

True Rose Romance

A large bouquet of red roses presented with a Yankee Candle True Rose jar candle will make perfect romantic gift for that special someone. True Rose is a new edition from our Q1 Yankee Candle collection, a rich alluring velvety fragrant candle in flawless deep red rose. Yankee Candles’ True Rose fragrance range comes in a variety of forms including the traditional Yankee Candle jar candle, tea lights, tumblerwax tart, sampler and a botanical red rose reed diffuser enclosed in a beautiful gift box.