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Posted by Graeme, on Friday 15th February 2013

At, we are passionate about creating the ultimate fragrance experience.  We believe a fragrance needs to be authentic, bold and long-lasting. It should light up your environment and your mood, last longer than other brands, and give off just the right amount of scent for you to enjoy the effects of aromatherapy.  Each fragrance has to possess the realism, accuracy and pleasantness of the true flower, food, fruit, place, or experience that inspired it.

When creating the ultimate fragrance experience, we identify a number of qualities that a master candle maker or ‘chandler’ needs to possess to enable him to create a unique new candle fragrance. For starters, it's important to possess a passion for fragrances and a determination to make each new fragrance experience as good as, or better than the previous one.  Quality is a requirement of any successful product. 

Candle making was developed independently in many countries throughout history, with the earliest known candles being made from whale fat by the Chinese, during the Qin Dynasty (221–206 BC).  A career as a chandler would not be the most common career choice today and many who do pursue it are continuing a cherished legacy of superior craftsmanship that's been passed down through generations of candle makers as a central part of their heritage and reputation. 

Although a chandler will honour the past, a skilled chandler recognises the need to be innovative in order to develop new and better ways to enhance the fragrance experience for today’s customers. They stay deeply attuned to the world of fragrance, searching for new flavours and scents that will resonate with their consumers.  Customers associate scents with various items, places and memories therefore chandlers seek out fragrance ideas that will evoke the pleasant memories and experiences of everyday life.  

Any good product will be subject to a few stringent test runs to ensure that it is fit for purpose.  Once the candle maker has selected the right fragrance idea, he will strive to ensure the quality and consistency of the fragrance experience.  Yankee candle fragrances are rigorously screened, reviewed and tested to achieve the best strength and quality experience in store, as well as in use.  This ensures that the fragrance, strength and quality are the same in the store and wherever you use it.  

Yankee Candle chandlers pride themselves in the fact that our candle scents are the standard by which all other fragrances are judged.  With over 100 fragrances, we offer the world's largest and compelling selection of candles. We have recently launched a new Q4 fragrance range, the ultimate winter fragrance experience!