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Posted by Graeme, on Monday 25th February 2013

Inspired by: Aloha! Wake up to the sunny, sweet glow of exotic, juicy melons with a touch of sweet orange oil.

Smells like: Cutting into a fresh, juicy melon. Exotic and delicious, the warm colour of Waikiki Melon wax is a delight even before you burn this fresh candle. The citrus undertones provide the perfect base and add another dimension: reminiscent of shady orange groves cooled by warm breezes.

Perfect for when you’re: Dreaming of heady summer days and far flung locations. Relax and imagine the sand between your toes, waves lapping the shore, warm sun on your face and the anticipation of an al fresco lunch with friends. Burn Waikiki Melon on cool spring days to enhance that feeling of freshness and warm your senses.

Best room: Dining room, to create a fresh, fruity atmosphere as the perfect backdrop to a fresh menu of tastes and flavours.

Time of day: Mid-morning through to lunch time, when this gentle golden glow and citrus scent really come into their own.

You can pick up Waikiki Melon here, or sample it as part of the Yankee Candle range.