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Posted by Graeme, on Friday 15th February 2013

Pure Radiance by

A new line of stylish and contemporary scented candles from a leading e-commerce retailer of Yankee Candles in the UK. 

Pure Radiance scented candles are decorative and designed for today’s modern taste. Pure Radiance candles feature a wide, warm glowing flame and 12 sophisticated new fragrances for an exceptional candle experience.

Yankee Candle products are now available to buy from our online shop or from one of our Northern Ireland based retail stores. The new collection of Yankee Candles will enhance your home decor, creating an inviting atmosphere where family and friends feel at home. 

Experience the warm glow from the wide, radiant LumiWick flame of Pure Radiance Yankee Candles for up to 140 hours. 

Pure Radiance Scented Candles Collection

      •  Beachfront - Escape to a place where life is easy, and the air is filled with the sounds of the waves and the scents of summer blossoms. Beachfront scented candle includes notes of watery, ozone, pineapple, lotus and coconut.
      • Petals - A soft bouquet of sweet peas, berry blossoms and musk.
      • After Dark – A nocturnal mix of night air, garden herbs, rich woods and musk.
      • Emberlight – A pine, charcoal and balsam scented candle blend, brings the warmth and comfort of the fireside.
      • Key Lime - Refreshing with sweet and tart notes of lemon, lime and vanilla cream. 
      • Nectar - A warm and wonderful, sun drenched candle blend of orange, pineapple, peach and mango. 
      • Ice Crystal - Refresh, renew and revitalise with this modern mix of mint leaf, eucalyptus, pine and cedar.
      • Grapevine - This fruity, spicy vintage candle has a bouquet of berries, a touch of florals and a hint of warm woods.
      • Creme Brûlée - A rich and creamy candle blend of caramelised sugar, maple and bourbon.
      • Denim - A carefree mix of citrus white flowers, cedar wood and musk blended within this scented candleLavender Chiffon - Relax and unwind with this silky, smooth, lush lavender bouquet scented candle.
      • Cinnamon Scone – This candle is a delicious blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and brown sugar.

Our 12 new alluring Yankee Candle fragrances are available in small, medium and large stylish vases.  Burn time ranges from 20 to 140 hours.

Do you already have a favourite Pure Radiance Yankee candle scent?  We’d like to hear from you on our Facebook Page.  

Visit our homepage, for a full list of our Yankee Candles available to UK customers.