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Posted by Graeme, on Monday 25th February 2013

Inspired by: An exotic island treasure... perfectly ripe banana and creamy vanilla, unexpectedly spiced with prized cinnamon and cloves.

Smells like: Your tropical island idyll. The vanilla provides a subtle base for the light sweetness of the banana, while both are warmed by the cinnamon which blends unusually yet perfectly to recreate the scent of long haul, exotic adventures. 

Perfect for when you: Want to be transported from wet wintry days. Perfection in paradise, Paradise Spice is the pinnacle of luxury, something special to be savoured in the quiet moments, as you would your fairytale wedding or ultimate dream destination. Paradise Spice is best when shared, to enhance the romance and inspire the fires of love.

Best room: The bedroom – draw the curtains, add some soft lighting, enjoy the feel of sensuous silks and let Paradise Spice transport you to heaven.

Time of day: Late nights, when you’re feeling decadent and want to be indulgent...and can enjoy a nice long lie in the next morning.

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