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Posted by Graeme, on Thursday 21st February 2013

In recent years, there has been a noticeable infiltration of male-orientated grooming products in the aisles of your local Boots.  Where once men were happy to go “au naturel” and keep grooming to a minimum, i.e. the least amount of effort required to keep up with basic hygiene standards, now men have a choice to rival women when it comes to scent and personal grooming.  It started with skincare, where washing your face with a bit of warm water and whatever soap was lying around simply wouldn’t cut it anymore.  Then, there was a short-lived flirtation with make-up products developed specifically for men, with whimsical names such as “guyliner” and “manscara”.  Buying cologne and aftershave has become as much of a minefield of choice for guys as it is for girls.  But why should it stop there? 

Man Town
Scented candles have typically been considered girly, but with names like “Man Town” and “2x4” our collection edition range of “Man Candles” are the very essence of manliness.  A blend of masculine spices, woods and musk, “Man Town” is the perfect candle for your man cave, and let’s face it, probably a vast improvement on the manly odour that lingers there now.

Do you see yourself as a better handyman than Handy Manny but are more of a DIY disaster?  When your biggest DIY accomplishment is putting together an IKEA flat-pack contraption, “2x4” from our “Man Candles” collector’s edition range is perfect for you and a must-have for any DIY enthusiast.  Combining the scent of freshly planed wood and sawdust, this candle gives your houseguests the impression that your home is a haven for perfectly executed DIY projects.

Riding Mower
Men, we know you love the relaxing aroma of a gorgeous scented candle as much as any girl out there.  And we sympathise with the annoyance of getting nagged for stealing your wife/girlfriend/mum/sister’s Yankee candle and feeling horrified at the thought of walking into the Yankee Candle Store and asking for “the one that smells please?”  You have better things to be doing, for example, actually getting around to cutting the grass which you promised to do weeks ago.  But if you’re less “green-fingered” and more “butter-fingers” we have the perfect candle for you.  Riding Mower, part of our collection edition “Man Candles” range captures the heady scent of freshly cut grass on a warm summer’s day in a jar.  With a choice between a large jar, with a burn time of 110-150 hours, or a glass tumbler, which lasts up to 45 hours, this candle makes the perfect present for the man who loves the great outdoors.

First Down

You know it’s that time of the year again when rugby dominates the sports news for the month of February and everyone and their mother can name the entire Ireland squad without hesitation.  Yes, it’s Six Nations time.  Crying into your pint because you know the closest you’ll come to seeing a match is down the local with the boys?  With the “First Down” scent from our collection edition range of “Man Candles” you can just close your eyes and imagine yourself in a sea of green chanting “COYBIG” and “In BOD we trust”.  An alluring mix of orange, patchouli, vetiver and leather, this aroma was created to capture the excitement of a big American Football game, which we all know is just rugby with helmets.  Vetiver?  What’s that you ask?  Don’t worry it’s just a fancy word for grass, which is, of course, very manly.

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