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Posted by Graeme, on Thursday 28th March 2013

According to the calendar, we’re supposed to be in the middle of spring, however looking outside at the snow, you’d think that we’re still in the midst of December!  Regardless, it’s never too early to think about giving your home, work desk or car a good spring clean.

It is also believed that the tradition of spring cleaning takes its origins from the Passover feast.  Jewish custom dictates that during the Passover, Jewish households must be completely rid of leavened bread in reflection of the unleavened bread ate by the Israelites as they crossed the desert after their exodus from Egypt.  As a result of this, in the weeks leading up to the Passover feast, Jews vigorously clean their houses to ensure any trace of leavened bread is removed.  Nowadays, this tradition has been adopted by non-Jews the world over who refer to it as spring cleaning – an excuse to clear out any junk and rubbish to make your home feel fresh and new again.  The association with Spring comes from the fact that Passover begins when the full moon of the Spring Equinox appears.  

If you’re gearing up for this year’s Spring clean, Bunny Cake is the perfect fragrance to get you in the mood.  The sweet, light aroma of coconut and creamy vanilla is a welcome change from the cinnamon and berry scents that signify the winter months.  Light this in your living room and allow yourself to start dreaming about your summer plans (and wardrobe!) while watching your whole surroundings come to life – bliss!  Matched with our etched butterflies shade and tray set, the Bunny Cake scented candle from Yankee makes the perfect gift this Easter. 

To see our full springtime range of scented candles, tea lights and candle holders, visit our Easter 2013 pinboard on Pinterest.