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Posted by Graeme, on Monday 20th May 2013

Yankee Candles UK

As a Yankee Candles fan, we know you love trying out new flavours and fragrances – it’s all part of the fun! And up until now, you’ve had to rely on our attractive little descriptors to decide which of our extensive range might be right for you.

We know you have fun browsing but now, the boffins here at
Yankee Candles UK have developed a fantastic new way to have even more fun picking a scented candle that suits your mood, the season and your personality – because of course, each of these are entirely variable, depending on the atmosphere you’re trying to create, the time of year, the room and your ever changing decor!

So we’d like to introduce you to the brand new Yankee Candles UK Fragrance Selector! Developed with no particular science in mind, this clever little tool starts with you and the things you like, to guide you towards the scents that you’ll enjoy the most.
So, to find which range of fragrances are right for you, you first have to find yourself: have fun picking out your personality type, categorised by Yankee Candle fragrance, pop some in your basket, wait for your fabulously fragrant package to arrive and enjoy.

We love to light up your world!

Fresh – You’re the outdoors type, always on the go. Whether you’re hanging out fresh laundry or escaping into the forest for some me time, you take every opportunity to enjoy the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

Food & Spice – Exotic yet familiar, you love nothing more than being in the kitchen, trying new recipes and putting together tasty dishes that your guests will love! So you’re also a nurturer and he perfect host: when you’re organising a dinner party, everyone wants an invite!

Floral – Oh, you’re all sweetness and light! Your friends would say you’re friendly, verging on flirty, but they know they can rely on you too – because you’re as true as a rose, have put down firm roots and they know you’ll never leave...

– The perennial optimist and always full of fun, you embody the season all year round. Kind and giving, you don’t need a reason to have family or friends over and you make no excuses for it either. Life’s too short to keep the good times to once a year and with your kind and generous spirit, you can charm everyone into agreeing with you.  
Fruit – Zesty and full of life, you’re also laid back and cool. Your family and friends love you for your Mediterranean outlook: you can be fiery with a kick, but you’re also fun, fair and put family first. You  fresh approach to everything you do is what your friends find most a-peeling!

If you’ve found yourself, simply click on Yankee Candle Fragrance Selector to see which of the Yankee Candle range you’ll love the most.

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