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Posted by Graeme, on Wednesday 1st May 2013
Fireside Treats, one of four great new fragrances in the Yankee Candle Spring and Summer 2013 collection is sure to light your fire!

As the weather continues to be, shall we say, a little unpredictable, we thought we’d shake things up with a new selection of candles that are as delicious as they are diverse!

Let us introduce you to ‘Fireside Treats’!

No, we’re not reverting to wintery scenes. We’re talking bright evenings, a warm breeze, clear skies, toasted marshmallows and a good old sing song around the camp fire!

Fireside Treats brings home the joys of camping out, and while it still might be a little chilly to get out the camping gear, you can have as much fun setting up camp in your living room – the kids will love it and with Fireside Treats burning merrily on the mantelpiece, you’ll enjoy a truly authentic experience!

So here are some fun tips to enjoy all of the magic of camping, at home with the kids:

Pop up tents are affordable and fun. You can pick one up for as little as a tenner and pop it up wherever you want. Empty the bed linen cupboard and make your own tent by draping the dining room table or clothes horse. It’s just as much fun – and free!

Turn out the lights! If you’ve got a log fire to gather around, even better. Alternatively, fill the fireplace with lots of your favourite candles (you know which ones!) to light your night and add lots of atmosphere. Or you can pick up LED lights cheaply from any home store.

Slipping into a sleeping bag makes home camping authentic and fun. But kids will have as much fun dragging all the duvets out and piling up the pillows.

Go picnicking! Spread out your favourite picnic rug and lay out with all your favourite finger food treats. Sandwiches and sausage rolls are fun but also use this opportunity to get them to try crudités made from raw veg with summery dips. Finish up with a few sweet treats. Anyone for marshmallows?

Tell them a story! Lots of families go camping to get away from the tablets and technology and camping at home offers the same opportunity. To go for all out spine tingling fun, tell them a ghost story by the flickering candle light. You could get out the board games or make up a few of your own – try Fortunately/Unfortunately, where someone starts as story with “Unfortunately...”, and the next person continues with “Fortunately...” Keep going round and listen as the story gets crazier and crazier! 

And then it’s lights out... if you can get them to sleep while they’re so excited!

You can try Fireside Treats in the small jar for the special price of £7.99, or try all of our Q2 scents in an 8 sampler pack, containing 2 of each fragrance for just £12.60 – that’s almost a third saving on the £18.00 RRP! Purchase online here 

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