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Posted by Graeme, on Wednesday 27th March 2013

Now that we’re nearing the end of Lent (or did you forget??), you’re probably dreaming of tucking into a big bar of chocolate or bag of sweets when Easter Sunday finally arrives – FYI it’s on Sunday 31st of March this year.  Until then, why not treat yourself, or someone else spoil you with the delicious chocolate scented Chocolate Bunnies candle from Yankee Candle’s new Easter range of scented candles that smell good enough to eat!  

Ever wondered how the idea of the Easter bunny came about?  

Although Easter is traditionally a Christian holiday, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, most of the symbols we have come to associate with Easter, for example – bunnies and eggs, are rooted in pagan beliefs.  

The word Easter is believed to have been derived from the name of the pagan goddess of fertility, Eostre, whose festival is usually celebrated during the first full moon of the Vernal or Spring Equinox.  Two of the main symbols representing Eostre were the hare, which signified fertility, and the egg, which is symbolic of the creation of new life.

The origins of the Easter Bunny story seem to date back to Germany in the 1500’s, however the first edible eggs did not come about until the 1800’s, when German children believed that if they were good, the “Oschter Haws” would lay a nest of coloured eggs.  In the 1700’s, German settlers in Dutch Pennsylvania introduced the idea of the Easter Bunny into American culture.

An early connection between eggs and Easter dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times, when eggs were used when celebrating festivals of resurrected gods.  The egg also plays a big part of the Seder meal during the Jewish Passover feast, representing the concept of “springtime and rebirth”.

Nowadays at Easter, eggs mean chocolate and let’s face it; temptation is all around, what with Easter eggs filling the shelves of every supermarket since Christmas.  If you're counting the calories, the warm chocolate-ey aroma of Chocolate Bunnies is a sweet and sugary delight with none of the guilt!  Available in large jars at a burn time of 110 – 150 hours meaning it will last right through the Easter holidays.  

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