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Posted by Lauren, on Thursday 1st October 2015

Cold air on your nose and snow on your mittens, baby it's cold outside this Winter!

When it's time to warm up, a cosy fireside gathering is what Christmas is all about.

The four new fragrances capture every aspect of the season perfectly. Choose from Bundle Up, Cosy by the Fire, Berry Trifle and Winter Glow.

Our Christmas range for 2015 is now available!

Bundle Up- A clean wintery scent that brings back frosty days and cozy warm clothing. A touch of citrus adds the crispness of cool powdered snow layers to layers of fresh linen.

Cosy By The Fire- A warm mix of ginger, clove and orange combines with woody notes to give the snap of a crackling fire and the comfort of a hot and aromatic drink.

Berry Trifle- The mouth watering fragrance of fresh berries tangy and sharp, nestled on a bed of soft vanilla cream- delicious! 

Winter Glow- A crisp scent of frosted leaves on snow covered trees in the cool air, all warmed by golden amber rays.


Yankee Candle Berry Trifle